Market analysis of power distribution transformer in Uzbekistan in 2021

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Market analysis of power distribution transformer in Uzbekistan in 2021Martin, chief economist of hengfengyou electric, made a simple investigation on the market situation of Uzbekstan power transformer, but got the basic conclusion: the transmission and distribution equipment in Ukraine is seriously aging (built in the 1960s-1980s). The new president vigorously develops the economy and has a strong demand for power. At present, there is a large demand for main power transformer and distribution transformer, The production process and technology of domestic transformers are seriously backward in China. Transformers are mainly imported from Ukraine, Russia, Egypt, India and China. The manufacturing of special transformers is basically blank and needs to be completely imported.
 Since September 1, 2019, Uzbekistan has banned the import of second-hand power equipment, including second-hand power generation equipment, step-down transformers, engines and other products, which will inevitably lead to huge market demand for new transformers and other power equipment in Uzbekistan. In addition, the policy was released before the epidemic and entered the global epidemic stage five months after the release, It is believed that most of the demands and projects in the market have not fully entered the procurement or bidding stage, and there are still sufficient time and opportunities for domestic transformer manufacturers who want to develop the market in this country.
 Uzbekistan has an advantage in power production, transmission and use as early as the former Soviet Union. At that time, the power use of Central Asian countries needed to be distributed and managed through the dispatching center in Tashkent. At present, Uzbekistan’s power demand is increasing every year, because the new president’s economic reform policy continues to stimulate foreign investment and encourage the development of domestic private economy, and a large number of power plants, industrial and manufacturing enterprises continue to appear; At the same time, Ukraine has also accelerated the transformation and construction of power transmission and transformation system, while there is only one transformer manufacturer in Ukraine. Through investigation, Chinese transformer manufacturers have invested in building factories in Uzbekistan. After purchasing and producing core components in China and transporting them to Ukrainian factories, they use low local labor cost for assembly and production, so as to obtain market competitive advantage. However, Ukraine still needs to import a large number of special transformers to meet the needs of different enterprises. Just this year, Qingdao hengfengyou electric won the bid for two local 35kV 8000kVA electric furnace transformers. Because there are no local manufacturers of special transformers such as electric furnace transformers and rectifier transformers, it can only be imported from abroad.
 At present, the overcapacity of power equipment such as distribution transformers in China, especially in the market competition of medium and low transformers, focuses on price competition. In order to obtain profits, it changes to reduce production costs, which seriously affects the stability of product quality. If you want to compete in overseas markets, you must improve product quality in order to obtain more overseas customers and brand influence. In the market competition of EHV Transformer equipment, in the face of foreign well-known power equipment brands, such as China XD, TBEA, XJ electric and other Chinese transformer manufacturers continue to obtain orders and export to overseas markets, which proves that the cost performance of China’s power products is much higher than other brands and has strong competitiveness in Uzbekistan market.
 In Uzbekistan’s power grid transformation, the main power transformer equipment involved most are power plants and substations. With great efforts in power grid transformation, there is a large demand for this equipment. For China, a large number of production enterprises can export the whole machine to Uzbekistan, fully participate in the local market competition, and cooperate with local power equipment production enterprises, In addition to effectively reducing costs, assembly and production can also use local resources to expand the market, facilitate after-sales service and improve the influence of transformer brand in the local area.At present, the distribution transformers produced by hengfengyou electric have successfully entered the market of Uzbekistan in 2018. The company has specially customized 10kV series distribution transformers, 35kV series distribution transformers, 35kV electric furnace transformers and 35kV rectifier transformers for Uzbekistan, with favorable prices and excellent quality. It has participated in the bidding of many local national projects, It is favored by local electrical engineering companies in Uzbekistan. Hengfengyou Electric is looking forward to the transformer demand or business of relevant enterprises, and can also contact and communicate with us. It is looking forward to jointly developing the markets of Uzbekistan and Central Asia with all parties to achieve win-win results【 WhatsApp +86 158 5325 2696    info@hengfengyou.com】 】

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