Hengfengyou electric looks forward to meeting you: China Import and Export Commodities Fair in autumn 2021

130th China Import and export commodities fair, autumn 2021 China Import and export commodities fair, 2021 Canton Fair

The 130th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) will be held in Guangzhou pipazhou exhibition hall on October 15, 2021. According to Jack, sales manager of hengfengyou electric, this year’s exhibition will be held online and offline at the same time. The scale of this offline exhibition has been reduced from more than 60000 normal booths to about 20000, According to the official data of the Canton Fair, the organizer has invited nearly 400000 global buyers.
一、 Highlights of this exhibition:1. The exhibition mode of online and offline integration shall be adopted2. The theme is to promote domestic and international double circulation3. Hold the national Pearl River International Trade Forum4. Set up the exhibition area of “Rural Revitalization characteristic products”
二、 Autumn 2021 exhibition schedule:1. Phase I booth (10.15-10.19):Household appliances, electronics and electricity, LED lighting, building materials, sanitary ware, hardware, tools, electronic consumer goods and information products, new energy products, power and power equipment, general machinery and small processing machinery and industrial parts, engineering agricultural machinery (indoor) and engineering agricultural machinery (outdoor), bicycles, motorcycles, auto parts, chemicals, vehicles, etc.2. Booth in phase II (10.23-10.27):Craft gifts, home decorations, holiday supplies, household supplies, toys, tableware, daily ceramics, craft ceramics, glass crafts, furniture, weaving, gardens, pet supplies, personal care appliances, bathroom supplies, etc.3. Booth 3 (10.31-11.4):Men’s and women’s wear, children’s wear, underwear, sports and leisure wear, clothing, home textiles, fabrics, carpets, food, medical insurance and medical equipment, sports, office, shoes, luggage, etc.
 三、 Introduction to the exhibitor hengfengyou:Qingdao hengfengyou Electric is a power enterprise specializing in the manufacturing of transmission and distribution equipment. Its distribution transformers and medium and low voltage switchgear have been successfully sold to Asia (Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Pakistan transformers), the Middle East (UAE transformers, Kuwait transformers, Iraq transformers, Oman transformers and Qatar transformers) Africa (Tanzania transformer, Zimbabwe transformer, South Africa transformer, Uganda transformer, Ethiopia transformer), Europe (Spain) and other countries and marketsHengfengyou Electric is an enterprise that pays great attention to the transformation, upgrading and sustainable development of the electrical industry. It continues to explore in the aspects of green environmental protection, electrical intelligence and technological innovation, and is committed to providing more excellent electrical distribution products for users all over the world. Hengfengyou electric looks forward to meeting you at the 130th autumn Canton Fair! Welcome to the industry【 WhatsApp +8615853252696(JACK)    info@hengfengyou.com    https://www.hengfengyou.com

Published by hengfengyou

Qingdao Hengfengyou Electrical Engineering Co., LTD., subordinate to Hengfengshuai Group, is an export-oriented enterprise with transmission and distribution industry as its main business, integrating product research and development, manufacturing and trade. Its main products include power transformers, medium and low voltage switch cabinets, circuit breakers and other power distribution equipment and power engineering services.

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