Analysis of Kazakhstan power transformer Market in 2021

According to Interfax news agency, at present, Kazakhstan has an excess power supply. In 2020, the annual power generation will reach 106 billion kWh and the power consumption will be about 105 billion kWh (there are 155 power stations in China, of which 69% are coal-fired power stations and 9% are hydropower stations). However, according to the prediction of Kazakh economists, Kazakhstan will face power shortage and insufficient power generation capacity in the next 2-3 years, and the unified power market of Eurasian Economic Union will be launched in 2025. At present, Kazakhstan’s state-owned enterprises bear about 48% of the country’s power generation. Electricity consumption in the industrial sector accounts for 58% of the total electricity consumption, housing and utilities account for 22% and power loss accounts for 14%. Reducing power loss is an important task of the power market. At present, China’s power loss is controlled at the level of 6%, which is a low loss country in the world. The country with the largest power loss in the world is India, which is still close to 20%.1. In the field of power grid main transformer, the transformer production plant in “Shymkent” in Kazakhstan is the only main transformer production enterprise in Central Asia. It produces transformers with a voltage range of 110-500kv. The production capacity of the plant is 120 main transformers per year. The company plans not only to meet domestic demand, but also to enter foreign markets. 50 per cent of the products produced by the plant will be exported to the Commonwealth of Independent States. However, in the field of high-end main transformers, the technology is still far behind China, especially in the field of low loss main transformers, which need to be imported from China to make up for domestic demand.2. In the field of distribution transformers, although there are more than a dozen local transformer enterprises in Kazakhstan, it is still difficult to meet the domestic demand in terms of transformer quality, transformer energy-saving level, transformer cost and transformer output. Therefore, it is still necessary to import a large number of transformer accessories, oil immersed transformers, dry-type transformers, electric furnace transformerRectifier transformers, reactors, isolation transformers, etc., especially dry-type transformers, basically need to be imported from China, Russia and other countries.3. Kazakhstan has made great efforts to develop its domestic economy in recent years, and has built a lot of industrial park projects nationwide to attract investment all over the world. Karaganda is the second largest city in Kazakhstan. It was once one of the four major industrial zones in the Soviet Union and one of the largest industrial zones in Central Asia. Located in the middle of Karaganda coalfield, it was established in 1934. The industry is mainly coal mining and coal mining machinery. In 1972, the Ertis Karaganda canal was built. The city is divided into new city and old city. The old city was formed naturally in the early years, including more than 20 miners’ residential areas. The new city is constantly expanding.Analysis of Kazakhstan power transformer Market in 2021, Kazakhstan transformer, Kazakhstan Industrial Park

Analysis of Kazakhstan power transformer Market in 2021, Kazakhstan transformer, Kazakhstan Industrial ParkThroughout Kazakhstan’s power transformer market, there will be huge market demand in the future. The distribution transformers produced by hengfengyou electric have successfully entered the Kazakhstan market in 2018. The 10kV series distribution transformers, 35kV series distribution transformers, 35kV electric furnace transformers and 35kV rectifier transformers specially customized by the company for Kazakhstan have favorable prices and excellent quality, It has participated in the bidding of local projects in many countries and is favored by local electrical engineering companies in Kazakhstan. Hengfengyou Electric is looking forward to the transformer demand or business of relevant enterprises, and can also contact and communicate with us. It is looking forward to jointly developing Kazakhstan and Central Asia markets with all parties to achieve win-win results【 WhatsApp +86 158 5325 2696 ;

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