Oil immersed transformer manufacturer

For oil immersed transformer, assembly is more important. What problems should be paid attention to in the process of common oil immersed transformer assembly? What are the requirements?

Let’s have a look at it in detail with the editor of the transformer manufacturer:
 1. Man hour quota: the work contents include: unpacking inspection, body positioning, body inspection, cleaning of casing, conservator and radiator, oil column test, accessory assembly, production and assembly of sizing block and wheel stopper, supplementary column and overall sealing test after assembly, grounding, paint repair, etc.
 2. Assembly site layout: the overhaul and assembly of power oil immersed transformer shall be carried out in the maintenance room. If there is no maintenance room, it is necessary to select a temporary assembly site, preferably near the foundation platform of the oil immersed transformer, so that the oil immersed transformer can be in place, or it can be assembled locally on the foundation platform, and there shall be tents on the outdoor site. The temporary assembly site must have convenient transportation, flat road, sufficient width, solid, flat and dry ground, away from smoke windows and water towers, and the distance from nearby buildings shall meet the fire protection requirements.

Oil immersed transformer manufacturer

3. Specify safety measures:
 ① Prevent personal electric shock, falling and other accidents.② Prevent insulation from overheating.③ Prevent fire.④ Prevent something from falling into the tank.⑤ Prevent accessory damage.⑥ Prevent the oil immersed transformer from overturning.
 4. Technical measures formulated by transformer manufacturer:
 ① Prevent the oil immersed transformer core from moisture.② How to ensure good contact of all connecting parts.③ All parts shall be well sealed without oil leakage.④ How to ensure oil immersed transformer insulation and oil insulation.
 Oil immersed transformer will be subject to large vibration after long-distance transportation, so the body inspection of oil immersed transformer needs to be carried out. The body inspection of oil immersed transformer is divided into hanging core and hanging cover. The inspection contents are consistent regardless of hanging core or hanging cover. The hanging core inspection should be completed within one working day to speed up the inspection process.

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