Hello, Autumn

Source: hengfengyou electric     Author: Datang     Time: August 7, 2021

   At 14:54 on August 7, 2021, Beijing time, China ushered in China’s “beginning of autumn” solar term, which means that summer is over, autumn is coming, and the cool wind is coming. The beginning of autumn is the 13th of the twenty-four solar terms in the Chinese lunar calendar, and it is also the first solar term in autumn, marking the official beginning of the golden autumn season: “autumn” refers to the cooling of summer. By the beginning of autumn, the Wutong tree began to shed leaves, so there was an idiom of “falling leaves and knowing autumn”. Autumn is a transitional season in which the weather changes from hot to cold and then from cold to cold.
According to the analysis and prediction of China’s “book of changes” and “Earth Mother’s classic”, the global delta virus should become more serious in autumn, and the number of infected people will reach the peak in the next three months, and then begin to decline; In the three months of winter, the mortality rate will reach the peak and then begin to decline. In the spring of 2022, the epidemic will be basically controlled, the global economy will gradually recover and people will be able to recuperate.

In the face of the grim global COVID-19, DaTang, the chief health preserving expert of Hengfeng electric, suggests that you must develop good eating habits and adjust your mental state and body to the best possible condition to deal with this fierce virus. In the current season of China, we should pay attention to the prevention of autumn dryness, and eat more: Lily, almond, Sichuan Fritillaria, wax gourd, cucumber, radish, pear, Lotus root and other food, strengthen exercise.
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