Is aluminum core transformer good or not?

Hengfengyou electric observed that in recent years, the global output of aluminum coil transformer is huge. Many people define the transformer made of aluminum coil (distribution transformer) as “transformer fraud”, and attribute many transformer accidents to “replacing copper with aluminum”! It really obliterates the legitimacy of this product and the contribution it has made at a specific historical stage.

1、 Aluminum wire transformer is in line with China’s national standards, is allowed to produce products in China, but also has international standards, is also recognized by developed countries.According to the statistics of State Grid of China, China’s transformer market will reach nearly 500 billion yuan in 2019, and it is predicted to reach 600 billion yuan in 2025. From 2005 to 2010, the transformer market was in short supply. In 2021, the global copper price once reached 70000 yuan / ton. The high cost brought huge pressure to the market. The way to solve the contradiction is to increase the global copper mining and smelting, but it also faces a great pressure of environmental protection and energy consumption. Just at this time, the transformer technology of aluminum coil in western countries and Japan was introduced by global manufacturers (at that time, the price of aluminum was only more than 10000 / T). As early as the 20th century, the production of transformers in European countries also adopted a large number of aluminum coil schemes with mature technical standards. Up to now, aluminum core transformers are still widely used in Europe and the United States, and there is a huge stock market in Europe and the United States. Fuji, including Japan, has also been producing aluminum core transformers in Suzhou industries all over the world. Since the introduction of aluminum coil transformer technology into the world, thousands of small and medium-sized transformer plants in the world have adopted this technology. After more than ten years of optimization and technical upgrading, it has become a very mature product. Its emergence not only solves the shortage of copper materials and energy-saving problems, but also saves huge costs for the country’s infrastructure. From a technical point of view, the epoxy resin cast aluminum coil for dry-type transformer is better. Because the expansion coefficient of aluminum is closer to that of epoxy resin than that of copper, the safety of transformer is better. So in Europe, most epoxy cast transformers are made of aluminum coils. As long as the manufacturing quality is up to standard, the aluminum coil transformer will not have any problems in use. China has also issued the corresponding national standards of aluminum coil transformer technology for transformers. For example, for dry-type transformers with aluminum coil, the model is marked as sclb.

33kv oil transformer

2、 The harm of “replacing copper with aluminum” in power transmission field should not be done by aluminum core transformerAccording to the Research Report of strategic planning for the application of China’s copper and aluminum resources in the power cable Market issued by the Institute of resources and environmental policy of China National Development Research Center, through the comparative analysis of copper aluminum alloy conductors and cables in many aspects, it is concluded that it is not appropriate to replace copper with aluminum in the field of power transmission. According to the statistics of transformer fire accidents of Qingdao hengfengyou Electric Co., Ltd., the Research Report on transformer faults from all over the world shows that 23.44% of the faults of 100 transformers will cause significant social harm, including 7.16% fire, 5.91% explosion, 4.24% leakage and 6.13% other damages. However, most of the fires and accidents caused by it are caused by overload, which are related to the quality of transformer and the comprehensive environment of power grid operation, and have little to do with whether copper and aluminum materials are used. The environment of cables in the power grid is different. Most of them are exposed. “Replacing copper with aluminum” will form a direct ignition point. The coil of transformer is enclosed in pouring coil or oil tank. The harm caused by the two is different. The black pot of wire and cable fire accidents should not be carried by transformer!

Iraqi transformer

3、 “Replacing copper with aluminum” is a business ethics issue, not a product quality issue”Replacing copper with aluminum” of transformer refers to the phenomenon that the winding of distribution transformer uses aluminum, aluminum alloy or copper-clad aluminum instead of copper, which is not truthfully identified in the nameplate“ “Replacing copper with aluminum” is a matter of business integrity and ethics, not product quality. At present, the price of copper is about 66000 yuan / ton, and that of aluminum is 18000 yuan / ton. Some enterprises are forced by the market price, low price in the label contract, using aluminum instead of copper to cheat customers, contrary to business ethics. However, the aluminum coil transformer as mentioned above, as long as it is in line with national standards, it still has quality assurance products.Hengfengyou electric observed that State Grid Corporation of China recently pointed out in the guiding ideology of several opinions on improving the quality of purchased equipment (Abstract): selecting the best equipment is the key to strengthen the network with high quality and realize the quality transformation; From the planning and design, capital investment, technical standards, equipment selection and other aspects, focusing on improving the quality of purchased equipment to carry out all-round work. The intensive introduction of a series of policies and measures clarifies the standards and requirements of power equipment procurement of State Grid Corporation, and indicates that transformer manufacturers must take the road of quality control and brand building, otherwise they will face the danger of being eliminated.

4、 Conclusion:—Aluminum coil transformer can be used boldly!Hengfengyou electric believes that from the essence of products and technology, aluminum coil and copper coil are both mature products recognized by national standards and internationally used. As long as the majority of users strictly treat the material agreement in the contract, the products can be used at ease!

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