“Ultra low loss energy-saving power transformer” patent technology

   China’s sustained high-speed economic development and rapid growth of power demand (China’s electricity consumption is growing at an average rate of 9%), led to the development of China’s transformer manufacturing industry. In 2018, China’s transformer output was 1.456 billion KVA, the export value was 3.228 billion US dollars, and the power consumption of the whole society reached 6.84 trillion kwh. According to the National Statistics in 2015, China’s transmission and distribution loss accounted for about 6.6% of the national power generation, and the loss caused by distribution transformers was as high as 40-50% (India, as the country with the largest transmission and distribution loss in the world, had 22% in 2015.   

power transformer

Calculation of distribution transformer loss: if we calculate by 3% of distribution transformer loss, China’s power transformers will consume 205.2 billion kwh of power generation in 2018, which is equivalent to twice of the Three Gorges Dam’s power generation in 2020 (the Three Gorges power station will produce 111.8 billion kwh of power in 2020, Breaking the 103.098 billion kilowatt hours created by ETAP hydropower station in South America in 2016, creating a new world record), reducing about 160 million tons of carbon emissions, equivalent to reducing 61.5 million tons of coal consumption. Therefore, the energy-saving technology of power distribution transformer is the world trend, which is urgently needed for the future development of clean energy. In 2019, Qingdao hengfengyou electric independently developed the patent technology of “ultra low loss energy saving power transformer”, which has been approved by the State Patent Office. This technology adopts the special aluminum alloy material made by hengfengyou electric patented technology, and is manufactured by advanced production process. It has many advantages, such as low cost, low loss, outstanding energy saving and environmental protection. Compared with similar products in the market, it can save 25% energy, especially the large capacity transformer, which can save more than 30% energy. It has obvious economic benefits, and has significant effect on reducing carbon emissions and improving the environment.  

Looking forward to the future, with the growth of global power energy demand, I believe that the future development trend of distribution transformer must be the development trend of large capacity, energy saving and environmental protection, intelligence and automation.           

Article source: hengfengyou electric( http://www.hengfengyou.com )

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Qingdao Hengfengyou Electrical Engineering Co., LTD., subordinate to Hengfengshuai Group, is an export-oriented enterprise with transmission and distribution industry as its main business, integrating product research and development, manufacturing and trade. Its main products include power transformers, medium and low voltage switch cabinets, circuit breakers and other power distribution equipment and power engineering services.

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